fundacion del bufete yllanes y noriega


Foundation of Yllanes & Noriega Law Firm

Mr. Fernando Yllanes Ramos and Mr. Alfonso Noriega Cantú meet in Mexico City to found their law firm. Two years later, both professionals take separate paths to pursue their goals, giving life to Yllanes Ramos Law Firm.


Participation in the ILO Declaration of Philadelphia.

Fernando Yllanes Ramos is appointed Counselor of the Mexican employers’ sector and member of the “Drafting Commission of the Aims and Purposes of the International Labor Organization” to incorporate the new principles into the ILO’s Constitution in the post-war era and introduce them at the Conference of Philadelphia.

incorporacion a la onu yllanes ramos
miembro del consejo oit yllanes ramos


Participation before the ILO

Fernando Yllanes Ramos began his participation as a member of the ILO’s Governing Body, which lasted until 1987.


Appointment to the Technical Council of the IMSS

Fernando Yllanes Ramos is appointed member of the Assembly and Technical Council of the IMSS.

encuentro con mahatma ghandi yllanes ramos


Meeting with Mahatma Gandhi

Fernando Yllanes Ramos meets with Mahatma Gandhi to exchange thoughts with the Indian pacifist.


Postgraduate degree at Oxford University

Fernando Yllanes Gaxiola graduated from Lincoln College of the University of Oxford in Comparative Law.

asesor permanente canaitex yllanes ramos


Appointment to CANAINTEX

Fernando Yllanes Gaxiola is appointed Permanent Advisor to the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of the Textile Industry.


Appointment of the Rotary Club of Mexico

Fernando Yllanes Ramos is appointed president of the Rotary Club of Mexico.

nombramiento por el club rotario mexico yllanes ramos


Reform of the Federal Labor Law

Fernando Yllanes Ramos participates in the drafting of the reform to the Federal Labor Law published in 1970.


National Jurisprudence Award

Fernando Yllanes Ramos is awarded the National Jurisprudence Award from the Mexican Bar Association, one of the highest honors given to the most outstanding lawyers in Mexico.

1995 galardon al premio nacional de jurisprudencia
2000 nombramiento por el colegio de abogados


Appointment to the Illustrious and National Bar Association of Mexico

Fernando Yllanes Martínez is appointed president of the Illustrious and National Bar Association of Mexico for the term 2000 – 2004.


Appointment to the ILO

Fernando Yllanes Martínez is appointed as Titular Member of the ILO’s Governing Body.


Participation in the Labor Reform and the USMCA

ernando Yllanes Martínez participates in the drafting and negotiation of the labor chapter of the USMCA and the reform of the Federal Labor Law of Mexico.


Bufete Yllanes Ramos celebrates its 90th Anniversary.
90 anos de trayectoria yllanes ramos

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