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Fernando Yllanes Ramos

Mexico city, 1908-1999

Fernando Yllanes Ramos is not only the founder of the firm but a symbol of ethics and an example of constant and honest work, in addition to his impeccable trajectory, both personal and professional. Fernando obtained his law degree from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City. Upon his graduation, he partnered with his colleague and friend Alfonso Noriega Cantú, to found the law firm Bufete Yllanes y Noriega. Nevertheless, soon after they parted in different ways, and Fernando founded the legacy that has remained standing to this day: Yllanes Ramos.

He was always passionate about labor and employment law, standing out as one of the most remarkable attorneys in Mexico in this area. He was also proud to teach his favorite subject in his alma mater for many years.


Legal advisor

Legal advisor of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (CONCAMIN).

Member of the board

of directors of the Federation of the Textile Industry and Members Association (FAITA).

Legal advisor

of the Radio and Television Industry Chamber (CIRT).

President of the Employers Sector

for 12 years in the National Commission of Minimum Wages and, for 18 years, Member of the National Commission for the Determination of Profit-Sharing (PTU).

Member of the Management Board

of the National Institute for the Housing Fund for Workers | INFONAVIT

Advisor to the National Chamber From the Textile Industry

as well as a permanent consultant for various Industrial Groups and Companies from different industries.

Assembly Member Of the Technical Council

of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), representing the Employers Sector

Legal Advisor

Legal Advisor of the Flour Industry Chamber of Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

Legal Advisor

of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry.

Mr. Yllanes Ramos was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Labor Organization (ILO) from 1945 to 1987, without interruption. In 1944, he participated in the Philadelphia meeting and conventions during WWII. He was a Member of the ILO’s Governing Body, where he was elected twice as Vice-President and once as an Employers’ Delegate. Due to his age (within international customs and practices that set age limits for civil servants), upon reaching the age of eighty, but in full capacity, he withdrew from the ILO’s Council and was replaced by another prominent Mexican lawyer, Mr. Jorge de Regil, thus continuing the tradition of representing Mexico in the ILO and the International Organization of Employers.

Given his legal training and his passion for Labor Law, he filled his life with work and activity, for which, apart from practicing in the area, he participated in the following important international events, such as:

yllanes ramos historia trayectoria

Member of the Mexican Bar Association

Member of the Illustrious and National Bar Association of Mexico

Member of the Mexican Academy of International Law

Member of the Mexican Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation (Member of the Board of Directors)

Active member of the Ateneo de Ciencias y Artes de México

Founder and member of the National Association of Distributors of Household Appliances, A.C. (ANDAD)

Member of the National Association of Business Lawyers, A.C. (ANADE)

Member of the Union Internationale des Avocats (Paris)

Active Member of the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers

Member of the International Bar Association (IBA)

Member of the International Seminar on Labor Relations Negotiations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Member of the Mexican Academy of Law

Member and former president of the Mexican Academy of Labor and Social Security

Member of the International Association of Jurists of Geneva, Switzerland

abogado javier yllanes gaxiola

Fernando Javier Yllanes Gaxiola

Mexico City, 1936-1981

Mr. Yllanes Gaxiola completed his undergraduate and master’s studies at the most prominent universities of his time, both in Mexico and abroad, where he stood out as a prepared, upright, and daring lawyer. He was a member of the most important Colleges, Associations, and Chambers of the business sector in Mexico.

He always represented, with great pride and commitment, many sectors within the industrial field. Mr. Yllanes Gaxiola will always be recognized and respected for his impeccable career at the service of employers in Mexico.

It is an unequaled honor for this firm to continue with his humane and committed vision.


Representative of the employers

Sector in the National Commission of Minimum Wages and the Coordinating Unit of Employment and Training.

Permanent Advisor

Of the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of the Textile Industry and member of its Executive Commission.

Member of the Executive Commission of the Board of Directors

And several other commissions, of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (CONCMIN).

Legal Advisor

Of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry and the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City and the Association of Camarón del Golfo Freezers, A. C.

Legal Advisor

Of the National Association of LP Gas Distributors and the National Association of Petroleum Distributors.

Representative of the employers

Interests before all sorts of Conferences and Commissions of the International Labor Organization.

Expert Member

Of the ILO / UNESCO meetings in different areas of expertise.

Committee Member

Of the Mexican Business Council for International Affairs.

Partner of the Bufete Yllanes Ramos

Dedicated to legal advice for companies and business organizations in labor and employment law.

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